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Rory Steels

This guy is LEGIT. I trained with him for two days a week for 6 months and made massive gains. I came to Janik wanting to put on muscle and learn how to train properly - I had never really been to the gym seriously but had an athletic background.

He taught me how to lift effectively, stay functional, and not get injured. I was 6’6” 180 lbs and after 6 months with Janik I’m 205 lbs at 7% body fat with no injuries and old injuries feeling better than ever. Commit to this guy and you will see results!

My Response

A lot of clients come to my to “fix their bodies” or get out of pain and into performance. Rory came to me to gain mass, strength and muscle. As an ectomorph myself, I knew exactly how to get him there: progressive overload on the compound lifts and tension filled hypertrophy training. After a few weeks of movement, mobilization and core foundations, Rory developed all the key lifts on the compound lifts, and mobility tactics that will keep him injury free.

The major gain of muscle is attributed to Rory’s own work ethic on his homework and diet changes that increased his calorie and protein consumption over a period of time.

Alex Gaspar

I've been working with Janik twice a week for the past couple of months and must say I couldn't be happier. I've never enjoyed typically going to the gym and pumping iron, but the Functional Bro has challenged me and always changes up the routines. Janik consistently offers variety and under his watchful eye, ensures I have the best form to promote strength and limit any injury.

Since beginning to see him my chronic knee and lower back pains have cleared up, I feel this is due to his philosophy and practice of thoroughly stretching and breaking down tight tissues, along with exercises that emphasize natural body movements and

Janik brings a positive mindset and open communication every time we work together. I continually look forward to each session and the work ahead to build who I want to be. Janik will help me get there, and you too.

My Response

Alex came to me trying to fix with injuries and get back to normal at work and everyday life. After an assessment, some mobility and soft tissue work Alex was inspired by his new found ranges. He now comes into every session trying to build his skills and build his systems with hard work and enthusiasm. Movement freed up his body and now working out is a fulfilling experience every time.

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Danielle Morad

I've been seeing Janik for almost a year, and I can honestly say I don't know what I would do with out him. I've always been active, either with trainers or on my own, but Janik has been amazing for so many reasons. First, it is not just about weights or cardio; Janik focuses on things we typically neglect like flexibility and mobility. I walk, stand, and sit differently, which has gone a long way to helping me feel and look good - and, this second pregnancy has been much easier physically. (Of which, incidentally, he adapted our routine to).

Second, he is easy going, funny, and helps you get through the difficult work by being a good person. He takes his job serious, but he also treats his clients like people and not like clients.

If you want a trainer that is great at what he does, but is also great at being a good human, I strongly recommend Janik.

My Response

Dealing with back to back pregnancies can be a daunting task for the body; you build certain compensation patterns due to the fact there is something growing directly in front of you; to say the least.

Danielle keep me laughing for the whole hour and has managed to build some serious functional strength during the last year.

Sam Douglas

Been seeing Janik (The Functional Bro) 2-3 times per week since August. All I can say is: "Wow!!" This guy really knows his stuff.

I was hesitant to workout with Janik initially because my body is not like the average human. I suffered a workplace accident in March 2017, where I broke my neck and was rendered an incomplete quadriplegic. While initially paralyzed from the arms down, I am back on my feet- but i was in need of a great trainer to give me strength, more mobility, increased range of motion, motivation and positivity.

Janik more than exceeds each and every one of these categories and for this I am very grateful. It is always a pleasure having a session with Janik because he has a great sense of humour, inspires positivity, is genuinely stoked and loves what he does.

Janik and myself have been chipping away steadily at what seems like my endless list of goals. I am thankful for his methodical approach and I am excited to continue training with him.
Honestly, if you need a decent personal trainer- make sure you try the Functional Bro. You wont regret it!

My Response

I am always inspired to see Sam’s motivation and positive attitude dealing with his injury. I do not try to be a physiotherapist or do anything outside my scope and we have seen amazing progress just hammering home the basics; mobility, stability and integration. The progress he has seen as really helped my confidence grow as a trainer; some things that were impossible a week ago, become possible. It’s mainly due to Sam’s intentional effort everyday, but I am grateful to be on this journey with him.