Optimize your own training.

Most people aren't getting the most out of their own self-led training program. Take your own training to the next level with my virtual programs and accelerate your development.

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Online Personal Training

Get personalized, expert advice with the freedom to workout whenever and wherever you want.

It all starts with a live, virtual assessment session to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development. I use Functional Movement Screening (FMS) criteria as well as detailed strength testing.

I then design a completely customized program for you, including all core pillars of fitness:

  • Nutrition — learn how to intermittent fast and burn calories all day
  • Movement — learn the techniques I use to make awesome flows
  • Strength — develop the essential movements you need
  • Mobility — keep your joints safe with proven mobility techniques

This program is delivered through personalized videos that I film with my production team.

As you progress along your training journey, I will check in to ensure you're sticking to your training program, and I will review and provide feedback on any videos you send me via text.

All of this is provided for only $350 CAD / month with a low-price installment plan available.

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Functional Aesthetics Foundations (FAF)

Functional Aesthetics Foundations (FAF) is a popular 3-month program that I designed to help people all over the world increase their mobility, strength and muscle tone. It includes a detailed workbook and video series that walks you step-by-step through the essential nutrition, mobility and strength-training building blocks.

I strongly recommend this program a starting point before diving into any sort of personalized training system.

FAF is a one-of-a-kind online program that far surpasses other programs in the industry. In addition to the educational materials themselves, you get access to support, feedback and a Facebook group to share results and your personal experience in order to stay motivated and growing.

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FAF Lite

Get access to the he Functional Aesthetics Foundations program (see above) without any video content.

This option is great if you already know the moves and want to dive right in at an incredibly low cost. You get access to the same one-of-a-kind, holistic training program.

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